What High-Quality Preschools Look Like – Las Vegas Home

This video shows how a teacher at a Oklahoma public preschool shares the most effective practices to provide the best preschool experience.

Nikki Jones (teacher) highlights some of the most essential things children must learn, like patience, accountability and self-directed education. Another thing the teacher emphasizes is open-ended play. Children are able to play using natural materials and are not task-oriented. They are able to decide what they’d like to accomplish and experiment with different options.

They are offered a wide range of choices through their time at preschool. They are often free to select from the options. They have their teacher prepared craft activities that they can do outside if they want.

The thing that is most noticeable about the video is how the preschool was planned. Everything is planned out with purpose for children to grow and develop. The children aren’t being watched or babysat for just an hour or two. Nikki Jones is clear about what she believes they are able to learn, and she uses all available resources to aid her in reaching them.


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