Follow This Checklist for The Best Way to Prepare To Move With Your Family – Family Issues

Find Replacement Plants for Your Home

If you’re moving a long distance, it is important that you find a permanent home for your plants. The laws currently in place prohibit transfer of plants between states to prevent spreading diseases and insect pests.

Notify and modify Utility Service Providers

Transfer all utilities to the new address prior to moving. It is a good idea to notify all utility providers about the plans for moving. These include ductless heating and cooling installation companies including water and sewer, trash and phone, fencing installations, cable and internet electric, gas security system, gas satellites among other. When moving to a new area, it will require a new utility service application or transfer of utility services if the city is within the same municipality.

7. The Moving Countdown Week Two . Be Sure to Inform your Health Care Providers about the Planned Relocation

The best way to prepare for your move is to speak with your dentist or doctor and ask them to send you health reports and transfer prescriptions. The recommended time frame is a month of meds and ask for recommendations from your current physician.

Create a plan with Your New Home’s Blueprint in Your

For a plan of your furniture arrangements on the day of moving it is recommended to study the design of the new home. Where new furniture is needed make your purchase two weeks prior to moving day so that it will arrive at your new residence within the first few months.

Create a Parking Management System for Mover’s

If you are in a city with a lot of traffic, secure a special parking permit as well as slots for the moving truck. To ease the move and more efficient, you should equip your movers by finding the most convenient parking spot.

Painters from Reserve

Schedule professional painters to work at the home prior to your arrival.

Request a Consultation with a Veterinarian

Bring your pet in for checkups with the veterinarian prior to moving. Make sure to get all vaccination reports and shots.

Update Your Billing Addresses

Update your bank accounts and address for credit card payments.


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