Understanding Shopfloor Metrology – Maine’s Finest

rology speed has been due to the rapid growth in technology over the past few years. Metrology on the shopfloor allows factories to analyze surfaces rapidly and constantly, which can be an enormous benefit to any area.

It is the perfect device for measuring smaller to medium-sized items within the manufacturing warehouse. The machine takes measurements on three sides, allowing you to figure out what is the appropriate length and size of any object. You can modify it to tackle more challenging tasks. The software is easy to use, so that you can do what you like.

The head of the machine is easily replaceable and includes several options to permit it to complete specific job. The prob head is one attachment which can be used to access smaller portions. A different attachment is the optical sensor. This gives you a detailed view of larger areas and a longer lens. This machine is able to handle every work.

The video attached provides further details about shopfloor metrology.


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