Planning a Road Trip in the Winter? Here Are 15 Things to Put On Your Auto Maintenance Checklist – Street Racing Cars

You think you’re not in need of the oil changed because the oil was changed last week, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry when on a long trip, especially during winter.
6. Take advantage of winter Tires

Winter tires are an important part of our maintenance checklist as without them you could risk your safety on the road. Be aware that winter tires aren’t only a pair of tires that says ‘winter’ on the side. They’re designed for use during the wintery season, making your driving more secure than ordinary tires.

Winter tires offer better traction and therefore have more stopping capacity, while you also get better handling capabilities too, so you’ll be able to control your car. Prior to your winter journey buy winter tires and ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers.

If you’re thinking of moving large objects or using trailers to store baggage, make sure the trailers are equipped to handle winter road conditions. If you’re planning to travel in a motorhome, it is recommended to consult an expert mechanic for your motorhome who can help you assure that the motorhome is safe to travel for long distances in winter.

7. Check Your Coolant Level

Our next checklist for auto maintenance is making sure to double-check the coolant levels prior to going on a winter-themed road journey. The goal is to keep your engine’s fluids flowing effectively as well as when temperatures drop and your antifreeze system is meant to assist with this.

The best way to ensure that you fill up your car’s cooling system with a mixture of equal parts antifreeze and distilled water to keep it from overheating and freezing. For ensuring that everything is running well, make sure you check the level of your coolant prior to departing for any excursion.

Coolant can also help protect your vehicle from corrosion and rust. It is far more effective than water that is normal, therefore ensuring your coolant is at a good level is highly helpful for the car you are driving.

8. Perform a tread inspection

Safeguarding yourself


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