Understanding Online Marketing

A common misconception in the online marketing industry is that resellers do none of the work for an undeservedly high profit. Those considering becoming an online marketing reseller are often told that they don’t even need to understand the world of online marketing or SEO. They simply have to forward information from the client to the online marketing firm and back again. In truth, any company wishing to resell marketing needs to not only maintain relationships with both the client and the online marketer, but have a sufficient understanding of the service being provided.

When a company takes on the responsibility of being an online marketing reseller, it takes on the responsibility of being the face of the marketer. Since many marketers are white label, meaning that they don’t require resellers to acknowledge them in any way, many clients are never aware that online marketing is being outsourced. They communicate only with the reseller who has an obligation to effectively communicate a client’s needs to the service provider. Similarly, a reseller must be able to explain the process and the needs of the service provider to the client. In order to complete these tasks well, more than a basic knowledge of online marketing is necessary.

When a client decides to purchase online marketing through its digital design agency, web designer, or other reseller, that client often has only a very basic understanding of what that marketing will entail. They do not know what information they will need to provide, what sort of work is going to be done, or who is going to be doing it. It is up to the online marketing reseller to explain the process. Because the reseller is often outsourcing without the knowledge of the client, he or she must be able to answer any questions accurately and satisfactorily in order to gain the client’s confidence and trust.

As the process begins, the service provider will request information from the reseller about the client’s needs and goals which need to be answered clearly and accurately. This requires communication between client and reseller about that information. While the process continues, consistent communication between the three parties will be essential, as will the continued inspiration of confidence in the client about the reseller’s capabilities.

Though reseller marketing is often looked upon as an easy additional service for an online marketing company to take on, the reality is that is requires a significant amount of understanding and communication. Those interested in becoming an online marketing reseller should fully understand the industry into which they are entering before taking on the responsibility of a client’s online marketing.

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