Three Tips for Better Closet Storage

Murphy bed

Are you interested in finding out what the best closet storage systems are? Many people want to know how to utilize their space more in order to organize their lives and manage their belongings better. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

First, the best closet systems make the most use of the space you have, so the ideal look will be different depending on what dimensions your closet has. Most people find it useful to have shelving components in their closet, which allows for clothing items such as sweaters to be placed in easy reach, and also gives space up top where you cannot normally reach things for storage of lesser used items.

Second, successful closet storage systems often use cube storage. Cubes are attractive and maximize the amount of space you have for shelving different clothing items, while also allowing you to see what you have, unlike a wardrobe or closed drawer systems. Items you use most often should be placed in the open. For additional alternative storage, try hanging up retractable hooks for items like ties and belts that are sometimes difficult to organize in drawers.

Third, closet storage systems can also be used to house a Murphybed. A Murphybed is a folding bed that enables people to save space, which is especially useful in smaller apartments. When not in use, the bed lifts up into the closet. This is an example of Diy closet systems that can help you maximize on space.

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