Learning About Api Oil Ratings Can Help Your Vehicle Greatly

Best motor oil for your car

The best motor oil for your car has many functions such as helping with lubricating engine parts, protecting your car from rust, and helping the engine to start easily, but you need to know API oil ratings so that you can be sure that your vehicle is getting the right kind of oil. Something else that you should think about when you are considering API oil ratings is the fact that while 42 gallons of crude oil are needed to make two and a half quarts of new lubricating engine oil, one gallon of recycled oil can give you the same amount. The more that you learn about Api engine oil standards, the more you will see how integral it is when you are looking for the best place for an oil change.

Thanks to API oil ratings, there is a system that the SAE created to rate our engine oil based on its viscosity. Fortunately, the right car oil change locations will know all about the different motor oil standards so that you can be sure that your vehicle gets the right treatment. In the end, your car will be better off because of it.
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