Don’t Let A Rogue Chimney Get Medieval On You!

Chimney cover cap

With the use of a chimney cover cap home owners might be able to prevent themselves from being part of the statistic that says creosote fires are estimated to result in about fifteen thousand fires in homes per year. By using chimney caps home owners can take more precautions in keeping their families safe from dangerous disasters.

Thankfully home owners have the ability to use chimney liners these days. Before there were more fireproof homes and the development of the chimney, it was not uncommon for entire towns to burn down every ten years or so. Chimney sweeps starting popping up around medieval times because of this.

With the help of chimney flue liners, home owners can make sure their chimney stays clean and clear. If home owners choose to ignore this feature in their home, it can create a fire hazard and even be a source of carbon monoxide.

Before people needed to use chimney covers or chimney caps, hand made tubes were used inside the walls to draw smoke out of bakeries. True chimneys that would need chimney covers did not appear until the twelfth century. When people finally started using chimneys in their homes at this time, they probably would have appreciated chimney liners.

Chimneys are used all over the world since a lot of people still use them as a form of heat. Standing at 585 feet, the tallest freestanding chimney in the world is in the Anaconda Smelter Stack in Montana. How many chimney liners would it take make that chimney safe? It would probably cost a pretty penny to do so.

Before steel chimney liners and chimney caps were necessary for the use of a chimney, homes and dwellings could only have one story. This is because there was no way to contain the smoke from an open fire in the house or dwelling. With the help of chimney liners, home owners can enjoy the benefits of living in a two story home, with little worry.


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