Choosing Reputable and Trustworthy Coin Dealers

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Silver and gold are rare earth minerals that humans use for trade and investing for thousands of years. Today, people still buy and sell silver and gold, and coin dealers buy and sell silver and gold coins at reasonable prices. Before you start selling or buying any silver or gold, you need to get familiar with spot prices. Coin dealers work with refineries that pay dealers a price for silver and gold. Prices change daily and even hourly because traders and investors are buying and selling commodities in the markets. If you want to sell coins to antique jewelry buyers, be sure to go online and check out spot prices. Selling coins is easy to do and you need to compare prices that coin dealers are paying.

You will also need to know the karate of your silver or gold before you sell coins to coin dealers. It is routine for coin dealers to offer their customers a certain percentage of spot prices. Do not expect to get 100 percent of spot price for your silver or gold coins. Coin dealers need a percentage in order to stay in business, otherwise you would have to deal with refineries on your own. If you want to sell estate jewelry, you will need to have your jewelry appraised. Again, do not expect coin dealers or jewelry shops to pay out 100 percent of spot price or appraisal values. If you are trying to find out where to sell sterling silver, the internet provides you the resources to find jewelry shops and silver and gold buyers at the click of a mouse.

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