What is the Best Motor Oil for Your Vehicle?

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The Environmental Protection Agency performs research on a routine basis to find out the statistics of things like the disposal of used motor oil. The EPA discovered two hundred million gallons of used oil are disposed of improperly, every single year. There are regulations that dictate how people should dispose of used motor oil, and there are also API engine oil standards oil companies must abide by. What is the best motor oil for your vehicle? This question depends on the type of engine your vehicle has. Most people think used motor oil is worn out. However, motor oil does not wear out and it only gets dirty over time.

Engine online change places can tell you a lot of information about motor oil standards. If you are wondering what is the best motor oil for your vehicle, be sure to check with your manual. Automobile manuals will display information about the best motor oil for your car or truck. API oil ratings and API oil standards are different for various vehicles. During 2009, almost 4 billion gallons of used motor oil produced from around the world was either recycled or dumped. After you check your dipstick and see dirty oil, you will most likely ask yourself what is the best motor oil for your vehicle.

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