Phoenix Windshield Replacement

Phoenix windshield replacement

Did you know that the word window originates from the Old Norse ‘vindauga’ which is loosely translated as “wind eye?” Or that the word “defenestrate” is a verb meaning to throw something (or someone) out of a window? Windows are important in many different apparatuses, however they are particularly important in automobiles. Though gas powered automobiles were first produced in the late 19th century, but windshields were not introduced until 1904. Original automobile windshields were made of plate glass, which presented a serious safety hazard and these were quickly replaced by laminate style windshields.

Believe it or not, today auto glass, such as auto glass phoenix AZ, accounts for between 40 percent and 70 percent of the strength of your vehicle’s frame. It is not only important for aesthetic reasons but also safety reasons. You want to make sure that your auto glass isn’t a hazard in the advent of an accident. Therefore, auto glass AZ is an important investment. If you need Phoenix windshield replacement or Phoenix auto glass repair you will want to make sure you go to a reputable provider. You want a high quality Phoenix windshield replacement as overall auto glass is an important investment.
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