Mobile Device Management Can Be Secure

Android security model

Bring your own device IT models make sense. 81 percent of employees say they use one personal device for business purposes, including 57 percent of Nexus and other tablet owners. In fact, mobile traffic is 10 percent of all Internet traffic globally. Yet while business use of personal devices makes great business sense, it may not make sense from a security perspective. For Android users, the development of an Android security model is critical. An Android security model means that you do not have to worry about an attack from an Android in the enterprise systems your business has.

A critical element of any Android security model is mobile device management, such as Android device management. Provided through software as a service, Android management as part of an Android security model pushes updates and can set device restrictions when interacting with your systems. When Android is lost or stolen, the Android security model wipes the data clean.

Bring Your Own Device IT models clearly improve productivity. With Android security models, they also make this process safe. Such a process lets you increase user productivity, and therefore your bottom line.

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