The Need for Small Business Internet Marketing

Ppc management

Small businesses account for over one half of all retail sales in the U.S. according to the Entrepreneur Magazine. It is no secret that most small businesses are going online now too. Most small businesses have at least a blog online and the ones that do, get 55 percent more traffic, but they could get even more with proper SEO. There is a huge need for small business internet marketing that SEO Portland can fill. Over three fourths of all search engine users won’t click on paid links that come up in the SERPs. They would rather find products and services organically. This is where companies that provide website design service and search engine marketing Portland can step in and provide small businesses with the internet marketing services they need if they choose to outsource SEO Portland.

They say that small businesses have reported that they have gotten 57 percent of their customers through blogs. Can you imagine how many customers they could have with SEO Portland and PPC management? PPC services are very valuable and worth the investment, but in order to spend money wisely you need a professional to manage PPC. Mobile web design is also an important service a small business can obtain through companies that provide web design and SEO Portland. These types of services are also needed since 40 percent of all shoppers today are using their smartphones to search for products and services. All of these facts and figures significantly point to the need for small business internet marketing services today. Read more.

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