BES Security Policy

Bes policy

New studies show BYOD policies becoming more popular, which around two thirds of employees asking their IT departments to allow them to use their own device for work. One of the most popular devices used for business purposes is the BlackBerry device, and even President Obama uses a BlackBerry device. A BES security policy is absolutely necessary for increasing the overall security of a business’s network. Finding the best BES policy is achieved by first understanding what type of solutions are needed for increasing security. In other words, the best BES security policy is totally dependent on the specific needs of a business.

Blackberry mobile device management software offers a wide range of benefits, including compatibility options with the cloud. The cloud is a scalable and secure solution for online processes, and can be used in conjunction with BYOD policies. One of the main reasons why BlackBerry devices are praised is the level of security they provide. Research in Motion is BlackBerry’s parent company, which hopes to see a trend of BYOD policies to increase in the future. More information about how a Bes security policy can increase the productivity of a company is easily found online. Some security policies provide the ability to wipe sensitive data from mobile devices that are lost or stolen.

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