Urinary Catheter Supplies

Medicare catheter supplies

The catheter design is nothing new, and even the ancient Syrians had their own version of the catheter. The ancient Syrians used hollow reeds for catheters, and other ancient civilizations had their own version of the catheter design. Today, urinary catheter supplies are easily found online and they are designed with state of the art technology. For example, silicone is a substance that is often used with urinary catheter supplies, which doesn’t react to bodily fluids or most medical fluids. Urinary catheter supplies that are found online may not be the same as standards catheters that Hospitals use for their patients.

Norman Gibbon, was a well known urinologist from Scotland who partnered with Walsh to create a standard catheter for hospitals at the beginning of the 20th century. If you’re looking for foley catheter supplies, it’s highly advised to check your Medicare catheter coverage. If you’re medical insurance doesn’t cover self catheter supplies, then it’s advised to compare all your options online. Around 12,000 spinal cord injuries occur every year, and a little over half of these spinal cord injuries are considered paraplegic. 47 percent of people with spinal cord injuries become quadriplegics. Spinal cord injuries are one of the major reasons why people need urinary catheter supplies.

The advantage of shopping online for urinary catheter supplies is savings. There are plenty of manufacturers and suppliers that offer discounts and savings on their medical supplies. It’s important to compare several suppliers and manufacturers before committing to a certain brand or type of catheter. Reading reviews online is a great way to gain more information about medical supplies. Reviews can be found on social networking sites, medical blogs, forums, and business directories. Checking with the Better Business Bureau’s websites is also recommended if you’re looking of ht best urinary catheter supplies possible.

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