Smaller Companies Often Need Help on How to Market a Business

Double your sales

The concept of branding has been around since 1931, when a Proctor and Gamble memo was sent out by then advertising manager Neil McElroy discussing it. Ever since, companies have been trying to get more sales effectively through branding. The smart ones realized that for successful branding to occur, though, a thoughtful strategy must be formed.

This strategy should include both a brand audit, aimed at evaluating the connection between businesses and consumers, and an executive coaching professional. The first establishes whether the company has any sort of brand loyalty, while the second lets a third party offer small business marketing tips and small business marketing strategies from an independent perspective.

In fact, executive coaching has proved to be an effective method at teaching the average small business owner or middle manager how to market a business. Some experts have estimated that the return on investment for executive coaching is 500 percent or higher, while a human resources executives study ranked executive coaching as having a very high impact when used to prepare employees who are geared for high performance work. And most agree that successful executive coaching strategies can occur only when both parties are 100 percent on board and committed to the project. While these do not specifically cover how to market a business or how to market a new product, an executive coach worth his salt knows how to market a business anyway and will convey this information to clients needing small business help.

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