Expand any meal with delicious hummus spread

Hummus ingredients

For hundreds of years, many cultures across the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe have enjoyed the delicious tastes of hummus. Available today in the form of hummus spread, this timeless delicacy can spice up any dining table, no matter what kind of food one may normally be used to eating. With the right hummus spread, people can add a nutritious snack to their daily routines without having to ingest something that is bland or boring.

Traditionally, hummus is comprised of mashed chickpeas and other ingredients, such as tahini, lemon juice, salt and so on. This wonderful mix of ingredients can provide a good amount of healthy nutrients. Hummus spread is high in vitamins C and B6. Iron and dietary fiber can be found in healthy amounts as well. In addition to all of that, hummus spread is also a good source of protein. Anyone thinking of undertaking a vegetarian or vegan diet can use hummus as a substitute for the protein they would normally get from meat.

Hummus spread can be a great thing to put in school lunches! Rather than having ones kids munch on cookies or salty chips, hummus can provide an equally delicious snack that kids will love to eat again and again. Every parent wants to make sure that their child gets all of the nutrients that they can, especially during their most formative years.

Hummus spread can also be used alongside many different types of food. Whether one prefers Greek, Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Asian or Ethiopian cuisine, hummus can be easily infused into a recipe. The result will be a wonderful blending of tastes and textures that family members and party guests alike will love. Whether served as a delicious appetizer with some chips for dipping or added to a recipe for dinner, there tons of ways in which hummus spread can be applied. Anyone can enjoy this time honored favorite, taking in healthy nutrients and broadening their palate in the process!

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