When To Get Illinois SR22 Insurance

There will be a time in the life of many drivers when they lose their license. It may be because of a drunk driving charge, too many speeding tickets or failure to report an accident. Whatever the reason, there may be a need for Illinois SR22 insurance if that driver wants to be legally allowed to drive and get back on the road. Illinois SR22 insurance is in place to prove that you are still able to be insured. It means that whatever happened in the past does not mean you should not drive. It shows that you can afford to pay your insurance, no matter what the rates may be.

Illinois SR22 insurance is similar to other states, because the SR22 is a form. The form tells the state that you are able to make monthly payments and will have an extra incentive to drive safely. Since an Illinois SR22 insurance plan is more expensive than standard plans, it means that the driver is committed to making their payments and not doing anything on the road that might cause them to lose their license.

The need for Illinois SR22 insurance starts with the traffic charges. Once a judge grows concerned over your driving record, they will require that you complete an Illinois Sr22 insurance form to show that you have the means to pay for your insurance moving forward. An Illinois SR22 insurance on its own is not a license to drive or proof of insurance. It just means that the state is OK with you driving again after whatever trouble you got into.

There are some cases where your SR22 will require you to have a full time job. If this is the case, your SR22 approval may help you apply for a work driving permit, or a sort of license that means you can still drive even if you had your license suspended. You will only be allowed to drive to and from work, but it beats not being able to drive at all. This work driving permit is a separate fee from the SR22.

Since all of these fees are separate, they add up pretty quick. This is why the best answer is to just drive safe and sober at all times. However, if you must get an SR22, be sure to make your payments and stay safe on the road to avoid the risk of having your license revoked for good.

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