Tips for Creating and Organized Moving Checklist

It is no secret that moving is stressful enough, so creating a comprehensive and organized moving checklist will ensure that you do not forget or lose anything, including your mind.

First on any moving check list should be finalizing your utilities. Notify current and future utility providers of your projected move date, and plan accordingly. No one wants to move and forget they forgot to turn on their heat, water, or lights. Alerting your electric, water, cable/internet providers, and trash collectors in advance will save you any trouble with billing or services at your new residence.
Schedule your “turn on services” with your providers at least a day before your move in, and your “Turn off” services at least a day after, just incase you run into any issues. This way, you will not be literally left in the dark.
That’s several boxes off of your moving checklist!

High on your moving checklist should be submitting a change of address form with the Post Office. This ensures all documents and mail will find you at your new location. (None of us want to forget to pay our credit card bill because we did not receive it!). Filing the form is easy- it can be done online at, or, stop into the post office to fill out for PS 3575. The form is about the size of a post card and takes all of two minutes to complete.
Next, inform anyone else you feel may need be to be informed of your change of address. This list can be extensive, so add to it as you think of them. (Think healthcare providers, day care, newspapers, credit card companies, the social security administration,your vet, etc).

No moving checklist is complete without creating a list of resources. Resources including moving truck services, help for your move, moving supplies like boxes and tape, etc. It may seem obvious, but including these things in your checklist will help your moving process go more smoothly. Until you are successfully moved, your moving checklist is your greatest ally, so take some time to really prepare it.

Last on the lengthy moving checklist is making necessary returns. Often times we are so wrapped up in packing and movers and canceling utilities that we forget to do the little things. Dry cleaning, the cable box, rented DVD’s or movies, trash cans, routers, etc. Staying on top of returning these things will help you to avoid any unwanted surprise charges later.

Making an organize moving checklist is a helpful tool that will help to simplify an already stressful process.

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