What To Know About IVC Filter Lawsuits

There is information that you will need to know about IVC filter lawsuits if you believe that you are eligible to join one. IVC filters are usually placed within patients that are under the risk of a pulmonary embolism, which occurs when a blood clot in a major vein breaks off and reaches the lungs. IVC filters are designed to stop that from happening, and to prevent the amount of embolism-related strokes as well. Unfortunately, IVC filter lawsuits have begun to arise due to malfunctions in these devices. Complications have been documented that have been very serious, or even life threatening, and have included 921 cases of devices that have harmed their patients.

IVC filter lawsuits focus on the tendency of these devices to migrate once they are placed within the vein. Device migration, much like a blood clot itself, can cause massive complications should the filter reach a major internal organ. It can also increase the chance of internal bleeding through way of perforations, or simply fail to work entirely by migrating along with the blood clot it was supposed to be guarding against. In some cases, IVC filter lawsuits have been formed because parts of the filter itself had become embolized, resulting in the same problems that the filter was designed to prevent.

If you or someone you know has received an IVC filter from the company Bard, then you may be eligible to participate in IVC filter lawsuits which are currently being filed around the country. More than 65,000 patients have been discovered thus far as having these devices implanted, but there may be more that are at risk. Speak with your doctor if you have had one of these devices implanted into your veins, and find out how you can have it safely removed before you experience any of the life threatening side effects that these Ivc filter lawsuits detail.

You can then speak with a lawyer about IVC filter lawsuits to get a no cost, risk free evaluation of your case. You can provide him or her with the details of your medical history, and how an IVC filter has either put you at risk or been responsible for a stroke, pulmonary embolism, or vein or artery perforation. An IVC filter lawsuit may help you to recover medical damages, pain and suffering, or wages lost as a result of undergoing expensive, corrective procedures.

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