Stormwater Pollution Solutions

When it comes to mitigating the effects of stormwater pollution, there are several small and relatively inexpensive tips and tricks to employ in order to drastically reduce your household contribution to the problem. If many households employ these simple stormwater pollution solutions, the problems that occur with the common waterways as a result of the various toxins that make their way into the groundwater can be greatly reduced in any given area. To begin, a lot of stormwater pollution on the consumer end comes from litter. If you make sure to always dispose of your trash properly, this can help to contribute to a larger stormwater pollution solution overall.

Additionally, adding filters to keep the worst of the toxic runoff from your roofing materials from seeping into the groundwater nearby. These stormwater pollution filters are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, so they can be a very cost effective and worthwhile solution to keeping the tar and other toxins from contributing to a stormwater pollution problem in your area. Make sure that your stormwater pollution filters are properly sized and installed for maximum efficacy, and be sure to change them as frequently as the manufacturer recommends.

Next, make sure that any automotive fluids, such as windshield washer solution, oil, gasoline, or similar substances spill as little as possible onto outdoor surfaces. Whenever these toxic substances get washed away into the local storm drains, they can contribute heavily to a stormwater pollution problem overall. Be sure that all of your fluid containers are well sealed, and consider buying a stormwater pollution filter for any garage drains you might have as well. All of these little tasks can quickly add up to a substantial contribution when it comes to solving any local stormwater pollution problem in your area, so go ahead and take the initiative!

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