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Providing Incentives for Providers

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Managed care organizations
The purpose of managed care plans is to provide benefits, such as health care and medical coverage, to members of the plans for reduced costs. Several of the companies that provide managed care health plans are for profit organizations that work with medical facilities and health care providers. A lot of credit is given to managed care plans for the role they played in holding back the inflation of medical costs in the late 1980s. They were able to accomplish this by decreasing the amount of hospitalizations that were unnecessary, which made providers discount their rates. In turn, this caused the industry of health care to become more competitive and efficient. By looking over managed care reviews and payment reviews, a person can ensure that they are getting the best coverage possible. Instead of doing business with third party administrators and various insurers, providers have the ability to work with preferred provider organizations. Having a good network of providers can aid in the negotiation of favorable fees and revenue recovery from providers, the creation of financial incentives for providers, and the selection of providers that are cost effective. Payment reviews can lead to good payment compliance with a provider. A provider of benefits should be subject to payment reviews. Those receiving benefits, and those acting on behalf of those people, need to be able to keep providers honest.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

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The ash tree has been a beloved part of backyard landscaping for decades, owing to its shade, natural beauty, and hardy disposition. Growing in yards, parks, and communities across the nation, ash trees are a part of the American landscape and they are currently under attack. The emerald ash borer, an invasive species from Asia which destroys green, black, white, black, and blue species of ash, has already been responsible for the destruction of more than half a million of America’s ash trees. When infested, ash trees display a number of characteristics which are precursors to the ultimate fate of untreated, infested trees. Ash trees infested by emerald ash borers might have woodpecker holes from birds attempting to extract ash borer larvae. They also might display D shaped holes where adult ash borers have exited the tree. Leaves may appear wilted and yellow, with thinning occurring especially on the tree’s top third. Shoots may also appear at the tree base, below dead portions of the tree. Though these symptoms in and of themselves are undesirable, the end result of leaving an infested tree untreated is death within two to four years of infestation. Homeowners who observe such characteristics in their ash trees don’t need to call the tree removal service, however. Ash tree disease caused by ash borer infestation is treatable. Emerald ash borer treatment comes in the form of an insecticide which should be applied in May or early June of each year. Most ash borer control products require one ounce of product for every inch of tree trunk circumference and should be poured at the base of the tree. Though small trees may require only one application, larger trees might require two years of application. Trees that were heavily infested before product application are less likely to rebound, so it is critically important for homeowners to remain vigilant about the ash trees on their properties. Though insecticides available at local home and garden stores may be helpful for emerald ash borer control, stronger products are available through tree care professionals who, as licensed arborists, are qualified to administer treatments that are unavailable to nonprofessionals. Many landscaping companies are licensed to administer emerald ash borer treatment and can help save trees from infestation. The most important thing for homeowners to remember is to watch their ash trees closely, so that emerald ash borer treatment can be administered at the first sign of infestation. As long as they are wary, the ash tree doesn’t have to disappear from America’s lawns.