Month: January 2012

  • Find Laser Cheques/Advantages of Laser Cheques/You and Laser Cheques/All About Laser Cheques

    Ordering your laser cheques means convenience and cost savings for you. It also means you can get your laser cheques in a much shorter time frame than if you went through your financial institution to do so. Since it occurs online, you will be able to order your laser cheques at your convenience without having […]

  • California CLE Courses Are Mandatory For California’s Lawyers

    Continuing legal education, more commonly referred to as CLE, involves the professional education of a lawyer that happens after their admission to the bar. While this may not be the case in every state, many U.S. states require CLE participation in order for them to maintain the status of their license to practice law. What […]

  • Are Social Security Attorneys Also Representatives?

    Q: Are social security attorneys and social security representatives the same thing? A: No, social security attorneys and social security representatives are not necessarily interchangeable. Social security attorneys hold law degrees. They have not only the educational and institutional knowledge to successfully represent claims, but they have the experience to know how to navigate the […]

  • The Global Health Program: Working to Improve Lives Domestically and Worldwide

    The more the public knows about health and how to prevent disease, the better equipped people are to prevent illness and promote good health within their communities. This is true both at home and in every country around the world. Improved public awareness and understanding of how to promote health and prevent disease worldwide is […]